Alpar’s serial hybrid-electric drive and modular electronic infrastructure enables critical silent operations for successful reconnaissance and surveillance missions whilst it can serve as an important fire and fire support platform. With its autonomous and remote control capability, low thermal and acoustic signature, follow me mode, agile high off-road mobility similar to Armoured Fighting Vehicles and Light Tanks, ALPAR is a heavy duty unmanned platform that can perform tasks together with manned and unmanned elements in the battlefield to meet the robotic and heavy unmanned ground vehicle requirements of the armed forces.

Single Platform for Different Missions

ALPAR's series hybrid-electric drive infrastructure empowers the following features:

  • Co-operating as the lead or wing member with manned vehicles and/or infantry
  • Conducting surveillance and reconnaissance missions with on board UAV’s and UGV’s
  • Suppressing enemy/terrorist positions with fire
  • Neutralizing facilities such as shelters/buildings and enemy vehicles with the main gun or guided missiles
  • Serving as a direct fire and fire support element
  • Execution of reconnaissance and surveillance missions
  • Autonomous missions such as patrol, border surveillance, mini-UGV carrier (marsupial concept), drone carrier, etc.,
  • Target detection and logistic support activities
  • Loitering Munition Carrier, autonomous re-supply vehicle, C-UAS, EW missions.
Single Platform for Different Missions
Autonomous and Remote Controlled Driving Capabilities

Autonomous and Remote Controlled Driving Capabilities

  • 360° situational awareness
  • Up to 5 km of use with MIMO Radio (LOS and NLOS)
  • AES128/256 encryption
  • Advanced remote control and connectivity with satellite communication (BLOS)
  • Route determination in GNSS denied environment
  • Waypoint navigation and patrol duties
  • Platooning and follow–me function for convoy missions
  • Communication with other unmanned assets (UAV, USV, etc.)
  • Return home function
  • 2D and 3D LIDAR mapping
  • Obstacle detection and re-routing
  • Identification Friend or Foe (IFF)
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

The export of all armored vehicles is subject to the export permits of the relevant governments.