Otokar showcases 11 armored vehicles at IDEF 2023

Otokar showcases 11 armored vehicles at IDEF 2023

Otokar, A Koç Group company and the global land systems manufacturer of Türkiye, showcases its world-renowned military vehicles and turret systems at IDEF ‘23, the 16th edition of the IDEF Defense Industry Fair, on July 25-28, 2023. During the 4-day fair at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center, Otokar exhibits 11 military vehicles, its turret systems and introduces ARMA 8x8 Driver Gunner Training Simulator. Meanwhile Otokar’s ARMA 8x8 Low Altitude Air Defense Vehicle and ARMA 6x6 HPEM Vehicle are showcased at the Aselsan booth during the fair.

Otokar, which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, will once again make its mark on the exhibition with its armored vehicles recently added to its product range. Current and prospective users visiting the Otokar booth will find the opportunity to see the company’s new land systems solutions for the first time, as well as its wide product range. At the largest defense industry event of the region, Otokar will unveil ALPAR, the very first heavy-class tracked and armored unmanned ground vehicle of Türkiye, and ARMA II 8x8 armored vehicle. The Mobile Repair and Recovery Vehicle variant of ARMA II 8x8 and the AKREP II R Reconnaissance and Surveillance Vehicle will also make their debut.


Stating that Otokar is the global land systems manufacturer of Turkiye, General Manager Serdar Görgüç said; “Nearly 33,000 military vehicles of Otokar currently serve in more than 40 friendly and allied countries on five continents, including the Turkish army and security forces. We strive to offer the best products and services to our users with our global know-how, engineering capabilities, R&D strength, and technological capabilities. We aim to meet the requirements of our users with effective land systems solutions against present and future threats.”

Serdar Görgüç said, “We take great pride in bringing the experience Otokar has gained in different climates and regions in Türkiye and around the world to vehicle development. We participate in various defense exhibitions worldwide to introduce our products, services, and capabilities to our potential users. This year at IDEF, we continue to lead in innovation of the country by unveiling the heavy-class tracked and armored unmanned ground vehicle ALPAR and ARMA II 8x8 armored vehicle. The two new variants of the ARMA II 8x8 and AKREP II will also be the most innovative vehicles showcased at the fair. In addition to being a company with outstanding technology transfer and local manufacturing capabilities, Otokar is also the pioneer in the Turkish land systems industry with a wide product range, engineering capabilities, production strength, and experience.”

Görgüç noted that Otokar allocates 7% of its revenues for R&D activities, emphasizing that continuous efforts to develop itself further and pioneer innovation are the drivers of the company’s success. “Our R&D spending amounted to EURO 307 million in the last decade. With superior design, testing and manufacturing capabilities, we are able to respond to the evolving needs and requirements of our users in global markets. In 2022, Otokar’s defense industry exports accounted for 99% of its total defense revenue.”


Designed as an unmanned heavy ground vehicle, ALPAR marks a first for the Turkish defense industry. ALPAR, developed by Otokar as an unmanned platform capable of undertaking missions together with manned and unmanned assets in the battlefield to meet the needs of the armed forces for robotic and unmanned ground vehicles, has a maximum combat weight of 15 tons. Equipped with autonomous systems and AI systems, the vehicle is designed to reduce personnel risk on the battlefield, improve the success of high threat missions, conducting routine tasks, by reducing the number of personnel in the field using AI and data analytics, and increase efficiency in the battlefield by communicating with unmanned aerial vehicles and other assets in the battlefield. ALPAR stands out with a low thermal footprint, dimensions and weight to be airlifted, and a fast-change battery infrastructure. Moreover, ALPAR increases its mission capability with a mini-unmanned ground vehicle that it can carry.. With a modular design, ALPAR can be configured as a fire support vehicle, logistics support vehicle, air defense vehicle, and anti-tank vehicle suitable for missions such as advanced reconnaissance and surveillance. The vehicle, which features a serial hybrid electric drive system and runs in complete silence, can be operated autonomously with remote control. The vehicle is also equipped with Adaptive Drive Support Systems developed by Otokar. At IDEF ‘23, Otokar exhibits the variant of ALPAR, developed for reconnaissance and surveillance missions with Aselsan 25mm NEFER L Turret and Aselsan’s other mission equipment.


ARMA II 8x8 Armored Vehicle, developed by Otokar considering the most common asymmetrical threats today, is showcased with MIZRAK 30 OMTAS Turret at IDEF ‘23. ARMA II offers best-in-class ballistic, mine and improvised explosive device (IED) protection and optimal terrain capability. With a maximum payload of 40 tons, ARMA II comes with higher payload and improved protection, and can be configured for the integration of heavy weapon systems up to 120mm caliber. ARMA II is equipped with a 12.7-liter, 6-cylinder, turbodiesel, 720 HP engine. ARMA II offers a platform suitable for many different missions; from armored combat vehicle to armored personnel carrier; from command and control vehicles to air defense missions. With the extra interior volume provided by the expanded hull, ARMA II is the most superior vehicle in its class with the modularity to operate as a maintenance and repair vehicle or an ambulance.


Another new vehicle that Otokar showcases at IDEF ‘23 is AKREP II R, the new variant of AKREP II, which comes with a low silhouette, agility, and terrain capability. Developed as a forward reconnaissance and surveillance vehicle, AKREP II R is capable of easily performing scouting and surveillance activities in proximity to the battlefield with its low silhouette and communicating the acquired information to a command and control center thanks to the on-board battlefield management system and the satellite communication system. The reconnaissance and surveillance system is integrated into the vehicle in a way to be completely concealed when not in use, thanks to an extendable mast embedded in the body. The vehicle also features a remote-controlled weapon system, which makes it possible to engage self-protection and/or destroy the detected targets in the nearby combat zone. With CBRN protection equipment, auxiliary power group, and other aids that can be added to the 3-personnel vehicle, the vehicle personnel are able to operate on the battlefield for days. During the fair, AKREP II R 4x4 Reconnaissance and Surveillance Vehicle is displayed with Keskin Turret, and the AKREP II 4x4 Armored Reconnaissance and Surveillance Vehicle and Weapons Platform with 90mm Turret.


The Mobile Repair and Recovery Vehicle variant of ARMA II 8x8 with a 720 HP engine, recovers damaged, overturned, sunken tracked and wheeled armored vehicles on the battlefield, performing all kinds of maintenance, repair and towing activities, ground leveling and removing obstacles able to carry out its activities quickly.

The vehicle has the same level of protection as Otokar's existing 8x8 vehicles and is designed to protect its crew from the highest threats during a safe recovery mission in combat conditions. With dozer blade mounted on the front of the vehicle; it can perform operations such as position preparation, pit and trench closing. With long and high capacity boom crane; it can lift the turret and powerpack of armored vehicles under the most difficult conditions and transfer them to logistics vehicles. Thanks to the lifting and towing equipment specially designed for the vehicle, it has the capacity to tow another 8x8 vehicle which has a missing first axle on a carrier trailer. The high-capacity and long-rope main rescue winch can pull damaged vehicles in the field from a long distance to the safe zone. Otokar debuts the Mobile Repair and Recovery Vehicle variant of ARMA II 8x8 for the first time at IDEF ‘23.

Another ARMA vehicle that Otokar exhibits at its booth is ARMA 6x6, with Sarp Zafer Turret. Today, ARMA vehicles rank among the world’s best-in-class armored combat vehicles. Unlike many of its international counterparts, ARMA has quickly gained experience in different climate and terrain conditions and captured high sales volumes. Currently, more than 500 Otokar ARMA vehicles are used in different missions in various countries. ARMA has been tested in the toughest climates and on rough terrain by different clients in diverse locations worldwide from marshland to deserts, from the toughest winter conditions to tropical climates. As an ideal platform with a modular structure for various purposes, ARMA meets the survivability, protection level, and mobility requirements of modern armies for combat and peacekeeping missions. In addition to its high combat weight and spacious interiors, the ARMA range also draws attention with its low silhouette.


During IDEF ‘23, Otokar showcases two variants of TULPAR, which ranks among its world-renowned armored vehicles. TULPAR Armored Combat Vehicle stands out with mobility, high firepower, and survivability features. TULPAR is designed as a multi-purpose tracked vehicle with variants ranging from 28,000kg to 45,000kg to fully satisfy the future requirements. The forward-looking design approach to modularity increases operational flexibility by using common components and a common chassis over wide range of vehicle variants. TULPAR comes in several variants that share common subsystems. Tested in the toughest climates and on rough terrain, TULPAR boasts best-in-class ballistic and mine protection with modular armor technology and armor structure that can be configured and scaled according to threats. In addition to providing an effective solution in missions that require high fire and destruction power up to 105mm, TULPAR, with high mobility, can serve in all kinds of combat environments from urban, built-up areas and light bridges to woodlands and all terrains, especially soft surfaces where main battle tanks are unable to operate due to their heavy weights. Otokar exhibits two different variants of TULPAR tracked armored vehicle, with Cockerill 3105 105mm armed turret and with Aselsan 35mm gun KORHAN Turret Systems at IDEF ‘23.


COBRA II 4x4 tactical wheel armored vehicle offers high level of protection, payload, and large internal volume. In addition to superior mobility, COBRA II also comes with the capacity to accommodate 10 personnel including the driver and commander, offering high protection against ballistic, mine and IED threats. Delivering high performance in the toughest terrain and climate conditions with high power to weight ratio, COBRA II fully executes the tasks expected in different missions. Preferred especially for offering a wide range of weapons integration and mission equipment options, COBRA II is successfully used for border protection as well as internal security and peacekeeping missions in Türkiye and export markets. The modular structure of COBRA II also makes the vehicle a flexible platform to be used as a personnel carrier, weapons platform, ground surveillance radar, CBRN reconnaissance vehicle, command control vehicle, and ambulance.

Otokar showcases COBRA II Armored Personnel Carrier variant with an on-board UAV Station and COBRA II Armored Medical Evacuation Vehicle at IDEF ‘23.

COBRA II Armored Personnel Carrier displayed at the fair features an on-board UAV Station by DASAL. Thanks to the developed technology, unlike other on-vehicle solutions, the UAV can take off / land from the moving vehicle, up to 30 km/h vehicle speed. The images obtained by the UAV are transmitted wirelessly to the Ground Control Station in the vehicle. The most important feature of the system is automatic swapping of charged and dead batteries of the UAV in the station less than a minute. In this way, the UAV provides continuous flight performance and continuous mission and flight competence while the vehicle is moving, without risking the users.

COBRA II Armored Medical Evacuation Vehicle is designed to provide high terrain capabilities with mine and ballistic protection, and intended to carry out all interventions expected from a standard medical evacuation vehicle. The COBRA II medical evacuation vehicle can deliver high performance even on wet and muddy terrain and enter into the heart of combat fields to evacuate wounded people and carry out emergency intervention in dangerous zones. In order to serve as a medivac vehicle, the height and width of the standard COBRA II were increased for the mission, creating more interior space. The rear door was specially designed as a ramp door for ease of loading stretcher(s). Available in two versions, COBRA II medical evacuation vehicle features a patient layout that can be configured by the crew, which include a driver, a commander and medical personnel, and accommodates up to 3 patients, either as 2 sitting and 1 on stretcher or 2 on stretchers.


Another armored vehicle that Otokar showcases at the fair is URAL Armored Personnel Carrier. The URAL platform, a unique product of Otokar’s innovative approach, is designed as a versatile and modular solution to meet the requirements of different users for 4x4 armored or unarmored tactical vehicles in various configurations. With a modular structure and dimensions, the URAL platform can be easily adapted to different missions’ equipment, weapon systems, and configuration requirements. It is still used in various missions in Turkey and abroad. URAL Personnel Carrier is featured with the Open Turret system at IDEF ‘23.


Otokar introduced anti-tank missile integration applied to its 30mm turret system at IDEF. Roketsan OMTAS launcher is integrated into Otokar’s MIZRAK 30 turret, giving anti-tank missile capability for the first time to a IFV turret system manufactured in Türkiye. MIZRAK turret, which can be integrated into all kinds of armored vehicles, now offers an effective solution for armored infantry combat vehicles with its medium-caliber cannon and anti-tank missile capabilities.


At IDEF ‘23, two different variants of the ARMA vehicle are exhibited on 6x6 and 8x8 platforms. Otokar’s ARMA 8x8 Low Altitude Air Defense Vehicle and ARMA 6x6 HPEM Vehicle are showcased at the Aselsan booth during the exhibition.